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thinkstoomuchJuly 22, 2009

I have a question for those who have experience with Penofin. I plan on applying Penofin to my new Ipe deck soon. My plan is to sand with 50 grit using a ROS, clean, and apply. I'm wondering if you use a brush and apply between the boards as well? (I have 1/8th" gap board spacing). Seems like if you don't you'll see drip marks as the Penofin flows over the board and down the side. No?

Also, my deck gets morning sun, and after noon shade. Is afternoon too late to apply? I'm concerned with overnight condensation/dew.



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I always use Penofin, and I do brush in between the boards.
Condensation is ok. Apply in the afternoon, as Penofin doesn't like sunny day application.


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Thanks Steve. You DO brush between the boards! I thought people would think I was obsessive compulsive asking such a question! :)
Can I assume correctly that I should also wait for relatively cooler temps? I would guess a 90 degree day, but in the afternoon shade is a no go?

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I'm also obsessive compulsive. I apply penofin with a pad on a stick, and my assistant brushes the gaps. Heat is ok if you're in the shade. Sun is a no-no.


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Ahhhhh...Penofin users!!!
We go through a LOT of it here in Fargo, ND.
(and Sikkens too)

The Wooster "Stainer" brushes are popular here for deck staining.
>>> These have a big "head" that you can unscrew the handle from.
>>> Screw in your shop-broom handle, and stand up to stain the deck!
>>> Just a quick 90deg. turn of the pole/brush, and you're stainin' between the boards as you go...!

Make sure you wipe off excess Penofin after the 1st coat...
* Meaning >>> Whatever doesn't soak in after 15 minutes or so, is just gonna dry on top and look "varnishy".
* Yeah....DON'T apply in direct/hot sun. It dries too fast to soak in under those conditions.


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Thanks for all the tips. Much appreciated. I hope to be applying the Penofin within the next couple of weeks.

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