Where to purchase Garapa?

run53July 8, 2009

I was just about ready to place my order for Port Orford Cedar decking, even after getting advised against it due to rotting issues) from folks here (mostly Jon Mon) and others outside this forum.

The more I read about Cedar's longevity issues ( I have a low deck, about 12-18" off the ground) the more I started thinking about a hardwood as I really don't want to replace my decking again in the next 10 years.

So, after reading more, I am pretty much sold on Garapa. I will be doing the work myself and am a bit concerned about working with a hardwood. I did a very small project with Mahogany and it turned out ok but I used stainless nails (bent quite a few). I assume I would want to pre-drill and screw as opposed to stainless nails with the Garapa.

Last question. The Garapa is pretty pricey in my area (Boston). I would consider an internet order to save some money, but I have no idea which companies are reputable about shipping quality product. Has anyone had good success with any of these companies, that they would be willing to suggest?

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I'm a DIY'er as well and finished my Garapa deck last summer. I ordered from East Teak - eastteak.com, as no one in my area carried Garapa. With shipping costs, their pricing was cheaper than any other online company around, and I was able to specify exact board lengths I wanted.

You'll definitely want to pre-drill the boards and use SS screws (I used 2 1/4" #7 trim screws...I believe).

Also, be sure to have some help the day of delivery to unload the wood from the truck!

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X 2 from the JonMon>>EastTeak 800 338 5636

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Damn...has it been a year? Go with East Teak

see link...

Here is a link that might be useful: east teak pics

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I purchased the decking from ABS Wood (cheaper than East Teak) and the railing material from East Teak (not available from ABS). Both were supposed to be delivered today but were not. If you follow my posting ("now showing...") you will be able to see photos. Once it all arrives, of course.

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I bought 1500lf of Garapa and 300lf of Ipe from East Teak last month. All of it was perfect. Could not have been happier.

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Thanks fro the responses everyone.....one further question.

How long was the delivery and was it close to on-time?

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Two days for me in OKC. J.

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I talked to both East Teak and ABS Wood several weeks in advance, told them my quantities, and got their quotes. They both told me to call back the Thursday before a needed Wednesday delivery to make the order official. I called them back on that Thursday, but they were both late. East Teak's was delivered a day late (didn't give me a reason) and ABS's 2 days late if it gets here tomorrow (truck broke down).

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Call East Teak, George Guy, he's the man.

Ditto, have someone local on-hand to help unload.

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A ton of suggestions for George at East Teak. He did quickly response with a quote, but was unable to beat my local price due to shipping.

If ABS can't do better, I will probably go local.

The problem with local for me is that they won't deliver, so I'll have to rent a Uhaul.

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There are a lot of reasons for the price from East Teak.

If you want quality oats,your will pay a quality price.
But If you dont mind oats that have been thru the Mule just one time.... Lets Make A Deal!!!!! J.

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OK John.....I have been humbled yet again. I took a ride up to my local hardwood store and the garapa boards did not look great at all. Some had already been weathered a bit. Somewhat of a blackish look in places. I was not impressed at all.

Looks like I'll be placing an East Teak order soon from George. His quote was not that much higher and it included delivery. I have to believe that the quality of the East Teak boards has to be very good given the amount of positive feedback on this forum.

Looks like East Teak will be getting my business as soon as I figure out my order (quantities).

Thanks for the help folks!!

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South American lumber is out of the loop.

With most any other lumber a person has to go thru a reatail outlet,that buys thru a salesmen,that buys from a lumber broker,that buys from a mill. Unless you get to the yard on day one the material has been thru a lot of handling,picking through,fork lift damage and general neglect.

With East Teak and a very few others there is only one outfit between you and that container. So then the differance is the Man that looks at the material and decides to accept it or send it on back, That East Teak Man is the George one of the Best. JonMon

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