Army medallion quilt for my son

gauraladyOctober 1, 2006

I haven't been posting for a while as I was in an bicycle accident over Memorial Day weekend. Broke my arm in ten places and completely ruptured my ACL, and tore my ACL and meniscus. After two surgeries, I am pretty much back to normal--just very leery of bicycles! So it was great to be able to get back to sewing and quilting again.

Several years ago my asked me to make him a quilt with the ArmyÂs 160th Night Stalkers emblem on it. I had made him a medallion quilt with the emblem of the unit he was a part of in Germany and he wanted an updated version after he joined the 160th.

After trying for two years to perfect the medallion in the center of this quilt, I gave up on perfection and declared it done so I wouldn't delay the completion of the whole quilt, since I couldn't start the quilt until the medallion was done. I was happy about how it turned out (medallion excluded!). The fabric in the corner stones has a tiny print of the Statue of Liberty and the 'Flying Geese', which seemed appropriate for a guy who loves flying. The Center large star is reminiscent of the Army star and it is machine-quilted in a random star pattern. I spent a lot of time looking for blue print fabrics that were masculine and not the frou-frou type.

I finished hand-sewing the binding this weekend and the burden of guilt at the delay in completion has been lifted! I would like to send it to him but I don't want to risk it getting lost so I will have to wait until he is back in the States (he is currently deployed overseas) to give it to him.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Lovely quilt - he will like it.

I'm so sorry to hear about your troubles. I can't imagine having to go through what you have. Hope you continue to improve.

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I am so sorry to hear about your bike accident. I live in fear of them myself. So far we haven't had any, but I sure am wary of traffic.

I love your son's quilt. I'm sure he will also.


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I'm so sorry about your accident, but am so glad to hear you have recovered.

The quilt for your DS is wonderful. How happy he will be to receive it.

I love the blues. You did a beautiful job and should be proud of yourself.

I know you can't hardly wait to see him again. I hope that will be soon.


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Excellent job on the quilt! I love your blues, the Flying Geese and your quilting.

That was a nasty accident you were in. Glad things are better for you now. I'm half-way scared to walk on the side of our road anymore....and we're close to living out in the boonies.


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Very nice quilt, beautiful! So glad you are able to get back to the things you enjoy doing! Your son will be so proud to now have his quilt once he arrives home!

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Such an outstanding quilt and won't your son be so proud of it, and of you. It's fabulous, what a wonderful job you did on it.

Oh man, so sorry to hear of your bike accident. It must take a long time to recover from such breaks. What's an ACL? How did the accident happen?

I used to live in fear when my grown boys biked because they took such chances on bike courses. I hate it when they bike in traffic.

Hope you are pain free and back to your normal life style!

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Thanks for your compliments. I haven't reached the level of many of you, but I enjoy each new quilt because I am slowly getting better. As for my bicycle injury, I was riding on a bike path and another bicyclist passed me, clipping my front wheel with her back wheel as she passed which sent me flying onto blacktop.

Mel, the Anterior Cruciate Ligament is one of the ligaments in the inside of your knee joint (there are two ligaments that criss cross and keep your knee stable when you have sideways motion). You can live without an ACL if you're not doing a lot of active sports (like soccer, for instance) so I don't think I am going to have it reconstructed, just live life a little less on the edge. I am grateful that I don't have any permanent damage in the use of either my arm or leg. Thank heaven for great surgeons and physical therapists!

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That's a lovely quilt and your son will love it. So sorry about your accident, but happy that you're mending well.

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Your quilt is beautiful, what a nice gift for your son to come home to. May God bless him- please tell him thank you for his service.

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That is one handsome quilt!

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Love this quilt. The colors and the pattern are both beautiful and show the love and thought that you put into it. Tell your son for me also, "Thank you for your strength and that he is appreciated for all that he does."

I'm glad also that you are mending.


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This is absolutely beautiful! I love the colors. It is so sharp. I can't imagine having a broken arm and not being able to sew/quilt. I went through quilting withdraws the two weeks after I had my baby and I put my sewing machine away to make room for the crib. I had to create a new area for my machine when I realized I needed it for my sanity (this is my 5th child)
Glad your doing much better.


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