'A Walk in the Woods'

solstice98October 12, 2008

Just completed today, this is a full bed size quilt for my Great Nephew. My niece is very special to me and her son is just as delightful a person as she is. Last summer the whole family was on an Alaskan cruise and we took some wonderful excursions. One was a jet boat ride into the wilderness where we saw moose and bears. While on the trip I purchased some fabric (of course!) and was able to use it in this quilt. He's only 8 so I don't think he'll really appreciate this gift now, but when he's older I think he will.

Pattern: It's a Disappearing 9 Patch all in batiks, with paisley sashing in a denim blue color.

Quilting: I did free motion quilting using a meander with some leaves to keep up the woodsy theme.

Accessories: I made a couple pillow cases in the same fabric as the sashing, a small pillow featuring the moose, bear, wolf fabric, and a fluffy bed for his little dog Nicky!

Label: I hand draw my labels. I'll let you know that the animal is a moose! Sadly, I don't draw many moose and this one looks more like a dog wearing a hat. But, seriously, it's a moose.


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I love it, and the moose looks like a moose to me. I love the personal labels.


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It is really a wonderful gift. He will like it now and really appreciate it later.
I think your moose looks just like a moose.
You did good!


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That's a wonderful gift and I love your moose. I wish I could see a real moose.

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What a special gift! I wish I could draw a moose as good as yours!


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Beautiful quilt and accessories! Take it from someone who has seen a moose in person, your drawling looks like a moose:) Great job!


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That is such a gorgeous quilt! Perfect for a boy! And the pillow on the left--it is that particular batik print that started me off on the idea of making a quilt using batiks. I love those animals and the colors.

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This weekend I was able to give the quilt to Lawson and his reaction was wonderful. He liked it and loved the animals. I think at this point the pillow is his favorite part. He says he's not giving up the pillow I gave him as part of the baby quilt but this one will go on his bed right next to it. After a couple days of listening to us all talking about quilts (I was up in Atlanta for the GA Quilt Show) he started to understand what it was all about. He asked "Did you really do each one of these stitches yourself? And did this start out like little pieces of blanket then you put them all together?" I'm not sure he believed me when I said yes! lol I had so much fun giving this to him!

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I love it!!!!!! The background is perfect for the quilt pic.
I have never seen a moose, but it looks likt the pics I have seen LOL!!!!!

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Kate, Great story! I love the quilt and all the wonderful accessories.

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Hey Kat!!!
Nice to see you here on the quilty forum.
Thanks for your comments!

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Love the quilt, Kate. Don't know how I missed it back in Oct! Yep, that looks like a moose on the label. @:)


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Wow, that is something to really be admired.

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