X-Post: Cost to turn uncovered concrete patio into screened patio

jayneesJuly 30, 2014

My husband and I are thinking about turning our concrete patio (uncovered) into a simple screened in patio. We've been getting quotes and we find them to be very high. We are just outside Charlotte, NC in South Carolina.

We don't want anything fancy at all. These are the specs:

1) 14x17 on existing concrete patio
2) shingled shed roof to match home's roofline
3) Simple construction - no interior finishing like beaded ceilings and no exterior finishing like shingles
4) One screen door leading into yard
5) Electrical run so we can have a ceiling fan overhead

All our quotes thus far have been for $13K or more to have this screened in patio built. That seems high considering we want a no-frills, very simple screened in patio.

What kind of pricing have others encountered when converting a concrete slab patio into a screened in patio?

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