DH's book-protector quilt

biwako_of_abiOctober 9, 2006

Here it is, along with its owner. Once again I had all sorts of trouble with points, but fortunately he doesn't see that!

I've gotta figure out some way to get points to match up. I thought I had cut accurately and sewn 1/4" seams, but one block in particular came out quite a bit smaller. Being in a hurry to get it finished before a cat vomits on his precious dictionaries, I fudged a bit. The fine white cotton fabric also strangely seemed to shrink a bit when ironed. Maybe it was just my imagination. I had bought it at a quilt shop and I burned a bit, and it didn't melt the way a synthetic would.

Oh, well, try, try again--or else start making patterns that don't have so many points. LOL

Those of you who make things a bit bigger than called for, so that you can trim the edges to get a block of the right size: In this sort of quilt, everything inside the block has to match up, so where do you add the extra bit? Just on what will become the outside edges of the block? Your way sounds like what I need.

Image link:

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How big is the dictionary? I'm picturing something that would take two men and a boy to move.

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LOL, Glassquilt: There are three of them, the biggest one is approximately 10" tall, 8" wide, and 2.75" thick. DH leaves the middle one open all the time on this slanted table, and the cats like to sit there to gaze out the window. I'm sure they will like that spot even better now, with a soft quilt on it!

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Lovely job. What is the name of the first block in the top row next to the card trick? I am intrigued by that one!

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Thanks. If you mean the darker one, it's called "A Dandy." I will post a link to the site where I got directions for it and other blocks I have used. Find Quilt Blocks on the left side of the page and then click on "Quilt blocks in alphabetical order," and you will be able to find it in the list.

Here is a link that might be useful: World Wide Quilting Page and BOMs

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Nice sampler (and quilt holder) and aren't the smaller, yet useful quilts fun to make?

Sometimes it's a 'scant' 1/4". You just have to get used to how 'you' use your rotary cutter, your ruler and your sewing machine guide to be able to come up with the size that's needed for the pattern. When I have points, I put a pin straight thru at the point where the needle should go, then pin beside it on both sides. I don't want that fabric to move as I want the points to be sewn exactly where that first pin is.....and the pin has to be removed before it goes under the presser foot as it's going straight down.

Practice, practice, practice.......


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Wonderful sampler and the colors are great. Very happy recipient!

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Love the sampler, blue is my favorite color. I hope the cat likes it as much as DH does.

I am one of those that makes the parts of the block slightly larger then trims to size. I make each part (HST, flying geese ... then trim to the proper size needed to finish the block. It does take longer to do, but I find it easier to get my blocks to come out right this way. My points are not perfect, but are much better since I started doing it this way.


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I love it.

And your points are just fine, especially on the bottom left block. They're just perfect!

~ Kit

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I've been studying this. The four corner blocks are 9-patches. Each corner is a HST. Each centers is one piece. The character of each block is in the four 'outside' centers.

I love it! Something as simple as changing just that gives each block its indivuality. I think I noticed this so easily because this is not a bed size quilt and I can see it all at once.

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Thanks for the tips, Sharon and Beverly.

Ironkit: Lift up thine eyes to the "card trick" block, top middle. There you will see some truncated points!

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I think it looks great! The model looks very proud of it.
Good job. Carolyn

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If I had every point come out perfect each and every time, I would not be able to hold my "big" head up. I never saw those truncated points until you pointed them out. It is a lovely quilt and your DH sure looks proud of it!

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I don't have every point come out perfect every time...if I did, I wouldn't have such a big smile on my face the times they do!

One girl I had a class with said her mother would even hand-sew the points first to make sure they matched. (ugh) If it was a very special quilt and I was having big-time problems, I might do that....so far, I'm ok with the way I do it.


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Only God does perfect,the rest of us do the best we can,and you did a darn good job.We are own worst critics.I think you did a wonderful job and the colors are also my favorite.Also looks like dh likes it.TFS

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That's charming. Remember the galloping horse rule. I think your points are fine. I go for 80% accuracy myself.

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Biwako-thanks for posting that info. I had forgotten all about that site!
:)Kelly in NH

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