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MalappJuly 24, 2013

I have some design questions about a pergola 14 foot wide by 12 foot long. I am replacing a pergola attached to my townhouse on two sides. The two sides of the townhouse form an âÂÂLâ shape. I want to cover the pergola with polycarbonate sheets.

Because of my community regulations, I canâÂÂt expose the cover. So, my idea is to space my 2 x 10 top 24 inches apart and then attach 2 x 2âÂÂs inside the beams creating a 4:12 slope. The polycarbonate would be fastened to the 2 x 2âÂÂs and supported with a 2 x 2 cross member every 2 feet. I live in Miami Florida and plan to use hail proof polycarbonate.

Similar to the method used to attach the polycarbonate sheeting, I would run another 2 x 2 inside the beams creating 2â x 2â boxes that will have bamboo matting stapled to it. Lastly, to create a finished look, I would cover the visible perimeter of the boxes after the bamboo is stapled with 1 x 2âÂÂs.

My 14-foot wide beam will be 3 2 x 10âÂÂs sandwiched together with adhesive and screws and then attached to the top of my 6 x 6 post with BCS post caps. The 2 x 10âÂÂs would have to span 10 feet from the side of the house to the top cross member. The 2 x 10âÂÂs would be fastened to the house using joist hangers. They would not be visible from below.

Is my design idea faulty, will the 3 2 x 10âÂÂs support the load of the pergola? Do I have enough slope to allow for drainage of rain water? Any ideas are welcome. Thanks

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Here is my pergola that was built over a portion of my patio to support kiwi plants. The kiwis are in their first year.

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Have you thought about retractable style blinds inside the pergola so that you can retract them (think old school blinds). Someone told me they were available and may provide an option for you.

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