Chlorine Generator (Salt Cell)

swimmer22May 16, 2012

Just curious- how long did you salt chlorinator last. I have an intelichlor i40 that was installed in July 2008 when the pool was built and it has died. The cost to replace is about $700. This translates to $175/year plus salt costs. Expensive compared to plain chlorine.

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IMHO, your figures are not more expensive compared to any other alternative.

Personally, I'm highly skeptical of advice from strangers on the internet, and I only learn from my stupid mistakes. With that in mind, I recommend you try to live without your cell this summer. I bet you don't make it August.

BTW - Google around. I was able to find a generic cell replacement for my system (different than yours) for hundreds less than the OEM brand.

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I have had Pentair tell me that the normal lifetime of their salt cells is about 3-7 years... 3 if your chemistry is not maintained very well, and 7 if it is maintained properly. I have no real-world experience yet... only what Pentair has told me.

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Cells are typically manufactured to make chlorine for 10,000 hours of on time with proper pool chems. Poorly maintained chems will result in a shorter life.

Ex Pump is on 8 hrs a day. Cell at 50% power equals 4 hours per day of on time.

Cells know two states, On and Off. The Power setting is usually how much On time is used per hour.


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What is your cell doing have you had it checked? I have a diagnostic wand. That will tell me good, bad, number of hours ran, High salt, low salt conditions and the percentages that the cell has been set on. Have the cell checked it might just be a flow sensor that can be replaced.


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I have the same as OP and mine was installed April 2006. Last year i bought my second one. I am getting 3 years max. Mine burst open. Thought about using epoxy and applying all over the cell.

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freeze damage?

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