Incubator Cover?

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLOctober 2, 2008

I've never made a preemie quilt or an incubator cover so didn't know what size to make this, and really didn't know what I was doing. I just needed to make it. It ended up 18" square. The little heart started out at 7" but ended up at 5 1/2" because I kept making mistakes. I decided that no child, grandchild or great-grandchild of mine was going to go without a quilt made by me.


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Beautiful Sharon, I love the colors and the hearts. What are the decorative stitches around the 9 patch? It is so pretty.
Wish I was there to take a walk with you.
Bless you and yours.

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Mom this is very pretty and I love the symbolism of the hearts.

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Thank you. The decorative stitches are also hearts. The flannel backing has 2 sizes of small hearts in pink, blue, green and yellow.

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Sharon, that is so cute! The nurses in our nursery suggested 18 inch square for a premie, so you did good.


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It's beautiful. Tiny babies need loving quilts even more. My thoughts and prayers are with your family. Take good care. tish

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Thanks, Beverly. It just looks so small to be called a quilt.

Thank you, Tish. We'll take all the prayers and good thoughts we can get.

Salijo, The quilts are being mailed today and Julie is expecting them. I even sent her the picture of them. She said she was going to pack a bag and put it in the trunk of the car so it looks like she'll be ready if she has to go from a dr appt or something.


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