Groundwater seepage/ pool remodel

urotexMay 7, 2011

We are trying to finish our pool remodel. The new tile and coping is in. Yea!

The problem is that the pool keeps filling up from ground water seepage through the holes the contractor drilled in the deep end. We are getting 6-12 inches of water a day seeping in, and currently there is about 2 feet of standing water in the deep end. It hasn't rained since last week, but the water is still coming in.

They put a pump in the pool last week to drain it and cleaned it up and put on the bond coat. However, due to the seepage, they did not bond coat the bottom of the deep end.

So we are waiting for the seepage to stop so the bond coat can be completed and the pebble sheen applied.

So here is the dilema...can I do anything to speed the process? We have rain in the forecast next week, again. I'm afraid that waiting for the pool to dry out is going to be a long long process made worse every time it decides to rain again. Will I have to wait for a drought until they can finish the pool?

Would repeatedly pumping out the water speed the process?

Any advice/comfort is welcome.


Sorry, I'm feeling a bit helpless.

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Well, in spite of your screen name, I'm guessing you aren't located in Texas since we are in a drought statewide and an extreme drought through much of the state, including here. My weep holes were process rather than functional, but I'm sure that isn't always the case here. I'd gladly take that rain forecast for your area. Push it down this way if you can.

Feeling a bit helpless on this end too. ;-)

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If they didn't install a dry well below the pool to pull out the ground water, there isn't much you can do. A well company may be able to drive a well point under the deep end to which a pump could pull out the water and send it away from the area.


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well, interestingly enough, most of the water is dripping down from the hole for the pool light which is about 3 feet below the surface...
But it's raining today in DFW, so it's a moot point...
Just waiting....

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If you have a persistant ground water problem, this may be a good time to solve it by installing a hydrostatic tube and valve in the bottom of the pool. It's actually pretty easy to do. Talk to your PB.

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still weeping...We keep getting rain in DFW about once a week...Just when it starts to dry up, it rains again.
I already have a hydrostatic valve in the main drain, and water continues to come out of it at a pretty brisk rate.
My PB is going to try to put some kind of pipe on the hydrostatic valve to see if that will help...we'll see.
Lascatx, sorry about your drought...

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