Never-before-seen 100-year-old photos of NYC

alisandeApril 14, 2013

From the link:

Almost a million images of New York and its municipal operations have been made public for the first time on the internet.
The city's Department of Records officially announced the debut of the photo database.
Culled from the Municipal Archives collection of more than 2.2 million images going back to the mid-1800s, the 870,000 photographs feature all manner of city oversight -- from stately ports and bridges to grisly gangland killings.

Here is a link that might be useful: from the Daily Mail (UK) Online

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I saw this link a few weeks ago (different source). Some amazing photos! :)

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Fabulous photos! Thanks for sharing!

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The 8th picture down shows the Astoria Pool before I was born. We lived not far away when I was growing up, and my friends and I would go there sometimes. My father, who was not particularly safety conscious about some things, felt the pool was probably not the healthiest place to swim, so I wasnâÂÂt allowed in the water. He was probably right!

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Thanks Susan--they're fascinating pictures, all right! I've sent the link on to my dd who is attending school in the Bronx. I think she's fallen in love with nyc.

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