Advice needed on pool floats :)

rx7ownerMay 9, 2010

Ok, major decision here (haha)...need to pick the best pool floats.

I'm looking at the Spongex Avena or the Frontgate "world's greatest"

Anyone have either care to chim ein on the comfort, durability and fade resistance?


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We have a couple of the Frontgate "finest" floats, they're nice. No problems, very good buoyancy, and the rolled pillow is comfortable.

We (parents and kids) all declare the Molly Brown floats as our favorites though. We've had the MBs for...I want to say five years...maybe six. A large (big enough for two adults) and a regular.

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Oh good info! Anyone else have pool floats/toys that they love?

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Noodles! The fatter ones are better. I replace mine periodically.


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I agree with poolguynj. The noodles are fun. The fatter ones are better. The Frontgate floats get hard and deteriorate.

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My absolute favorite is the Texas Recreation Super Soft Adjustable Recliner - you can Google it. It's extremely comfortable and very sturdy.

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I started to post this but searched and found this question asked last year. Anyone have floats that they would recommend?

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Still enjoying the Frontgate "Finest". We've had them several years now, no issues.

Last year we added a Frontgate "Kai". It's very comfortable as both a pad for out of the water on the pool patio as well as using it as a float in the water. The beading can be pushed around to make things "just right".

We have a small Kai pillow too, the kids sometimes use it as a buoyancy float to sit on, the adults use it as...ta-da...a pillow.

If I were to get another "adult" float, I'd get another Kai.

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Costco had the equivalents of Frontgate's "World's Finest" (slightly thinner) and exact "Thickest Pool Noodle." The noodles are awesome, and they were $30 for two at Costco. We have a Metallic Frontgate "Finest" and tried to "sink" it with three adults and failed!

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Anyone have a Disc Beanbag Swimming Pool Float? Are you happy with it?

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