waiting to apply Penofin

thinkstoomuchJuly 27, 2009

Hi All,

I have finished installing my Ipe deck. Yesterday I sanded the entire thing (face screwed and plugged). So I'm ready to apply the finish, which I have have chosen Penofin. My problem is that for the entire week coming up we are supposed to get afternoon thunderstorms.

I read a recent post saying the deck should dry out for a couple of days before applying a finish. At this rate I may be waiting a couple of weeks for that kind of weather. So, I'm wondering if I'm inviting any problems by just waiting for good weather? Will I have to sand again by waiting so long? After all of this time, effort and money, I don't want to mess things up by being too anxious to get the Penofin on there. The deck is looking far to nice at this point to mess it up!!!

Thanks guys,


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Wait for good weather. Ipe is pretty good far as grain raising goes. J.

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where are the pictures of the new deck?

I have the same issue on finishing the staining on my deck. we are getting coastal fog and its keeps everything really wet through mid morning - too wet to stain.

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Thanks guys,
I will be patient and wait out the weather. My original plan was to hold off on installing the railings (Azek premier white) until the Penofin was down. Now I wonder if I should go ahead with the railing while dodging the thunderstorms.......and apply the Penofin after. It's so frustrating. I'd like to be done with this before WINTER!!! lol.

Salmon Slayer - I promise to post pics when I'm finished. But be forewarned......it is very basic. Nothing too fancy. And nothing like WeedyAcres is doing here on this forum!!!!!


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Kim, what did you end up doing to cut or sand down the plugs.

Belt sander, orbital sander, use a multimaster? I used a friends multimaster a few weeks ago while changing some doors. It sure was nice

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I used a multimaster. I drilled a hole the size of the plug into a piece of flashing, and used that to protect the deck from any damage caused by the multimaster. After I trimmed all the plugs down, I used a 5" orbital sander with 50 grit and sanded the entire deck.

I'd have to say the multimaster was great. Probably took about 2-3 seconds per plug to trim them down. I had someone helping me. He would move the flashing to each plug as we moved along, and I cut. It worked smoothly. Obviously can be done with one person, but I just happened to have someone there wanting to help.


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