Red Sun Bonnet Sue

rosajoe_gwSeptember 20, 2008

I was playing with applique using organza. I like the effects for small pieces. I think it would look great for butterflies and flowers.

The red micro dot material makes a good contrast for the gold organza.

I bought this red fabric on sale and only had a little over 1 yard. I barely had enough to use it for binding!!!

The snowballs have machine embroidery white work SBS, patches have ME butterflies, and the rest is machine quilted in the ditch and I don't know what you call what I did to the white blocks by the binding...


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Rosa, Excellent! She looks so Southern Belle-ish! You sure did put in a lot of work on this.


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That is lovely! Such a grown up Sue. I would love to see more of the quilting, it looks great.


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Very nice, I love the setting.


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Your quilt is great! Is Sue applique done on your embroidery machine? It all looks lovely in the picture but I bet is even better in person.


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Thanks ladies!!!!
I'll post some close ups of the quilting.
Sally she is appliqued the emboidery machine. My sis wants a blue one with the gold organza, I think green would look pretty too.

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