Will this work? (trimming ipe plugs)

thinkstoomuchJuly 13, 2009

Hi All,

My ipe deck is progressing......thanks to all here for advice along the way!

I'm about 3/4 of the way finished with laying the ipe boards. I have face screwed and pluggeed rather than using a clip system. Soon I will be ready to trim the plugs to move on to the sanding stage. I have an idea on how to trim the plugs and thought I'd run it by the pro's here.

My thought is to lay 1xs on each side of a row of plugs - sort of like a railroad track. Then take a router and run it along the track to trim the plugs (obviously adjusting the height of the bit properly). Thoughts on this idea? Seems to me like it would work. My questions on this would be:

1. What type of carbide router bit?

2. Would I go with the grain or against it??

Thanks again for all your help. Very much appreciated......


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Do Not Do That.

Use a random orbital sander with 60/80 grit pads. J.

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Agree with John. I think your asking for unnecessary problems with the router. an orbital sander works fine.

Then again, if your looking for an excuse for new tool: think about a fein multimaster. you will still have to hit it with a sander though

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Thanks for the responses guys. I do have access to a multimaster tool - so I'll give that a whirl. You both said NOT to use a router, but neither said what problems could arise. Just curious - can you share?
I'm not trying to get out of sanding......I will be sanding the entire deck. The reason I want to triim first is that I'm working with 1x6, so the plugs stand much higher than with 5/4.
I guess I'll try the multimaster, and also try just sanding only and see which works better.

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The router would work but it would be painstakingly slow and even with the steadiest of hands, a little too much of a hit to the plug will send it into the universe. You would have to shave a miniscule amount making many passes on just one plug. Not worth the effort or frustration if you happen to slip too deep into it. Kinda like those volcano hikers who get as close to the edge as as they can to get a kick while it's boiling beneath them!

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