2-color---green / white

day2daySeptember 24, 2007

For those who like 2-color quilts-triple irish chain.Sorry the other quilt is showing on the bottom-need to improve my photography skills...Geraldine

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You're skills as a photographer are fine. It's staging the picture that needs a little bit of improvement.
Just tell folk that you have made the bed for cold winter nights when as everybody knows you need two quilts.

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I just love the 2 color quilt.Very, very nice..I made a double Irish chain of green and white and it's my favorite....

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I really like it! I've not made a 2 color quilt for myself yet. I do admire them though, especially when 1 of the colors is white.

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Good job!
I love 2-color quilts.
Whoever sleeps under that is going to feel so good.

You do beautiful work.


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thats beauitful!!! n your pics just fine! if you concider that a bad pic you sure dont wanna see any of mine lol!
you quilt underneath looks like its pretty too, gonna check around n see if ya have a pic of it too, [im new here. lol]

i mostly scrap so never done a two colored one, would love to someday. need to get off my cheap but n get the meterial. i tend to get a pattern for the meterial i have instead of gettin meterial for a pattern.

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