Pool needs shocking, but I don't have time

MiaOKCMay 7, 2012

Hi everyone - please help a noob out. I've been studying in Pool School. I need to shock my 38K gal concrete pool. The water is cloudy and in the deep end we have a greenish cast. Not a full algae bloom but not good. We got a huge rain 7 days ago that threw off our tenuous grip on clear sparkly water. I brushed the pool on Saturday and vacuumed to waste, added 4 lbs of 73% cal hypo and three caps phos free pool magic. Running pump 24/7, sand filter, since we opened in early April because we haven't gotten everything balanced yet. I can now see the drain in the deep end, but know the sand filter will take some time.

My drop test doesn't include CYA (I know, I need to get a better test kit! It's on the to-do list!) so I've been going to Leslie's for about 3 weeks, gradually adding CYA to bring level from 0 to 25. I'm using 3" pucks left in the bucket from the seller until they are used up, so that is adding a bit of CYA, too. pH is 7.4 and CYA 25. I cannot keep chlorine in the pool, so know shocking is in order.

However, to babysit it to keep a shock level of 10 or 11ppm over the course of days, I will need to wait until next weekend. Should I even bother putting ANY chlorine in until then? It feels pointless, since I know it will just be gobbled up by the organics, but I fear letting the organics get even further ahead of me than they are. How do you all handle this?

(PS, I am making my baby steps into BBB, too, purchased a cartload of 6% bleach at Wal-Mart. I am trying to use up chems left from seller before I go full plunge).

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Bleach is not necessary to be a BBBer. It is usually the cheapest but tabs or cells are OK for maintaining a residual. Bleach(5 or 6%) or chlorinating liquid (10 to 12%) is suggested for boosting the FC.

I would start at 12 ppm and maintain that until it passes the overnight chlorine loss test (less than 0.25 ppm).

The sooner the better. Don't stop feed it. You will have a much bigger issue if you do!


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