Chip in granite around sink

cruz2005March 23, 2010

The granite installer chipped my granite around the front of my sink. They put some kind of hard 'caulk' around it but then it fell off. The installer says he can just smooth the chip and smooth around the sink to match. Is that acceptable? I really want them to replace the slab but is that unrealistic? Thanks in advance for your advice.

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Did you have to sign off on the work after installation? I would call them and demand it be replaced. That is unacceptable, especially if they did it during installation. I'm not sure smoothing it will help. What edge do you have?

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do you still have "the" chip??? many times the chip can be glued back in
place IF the circumstances are right - this works sometimes, but not
all the time.

Looks like you have either Bianco Romano or Delicatus - am I close?
Both of these stone species are pretty notorious for chipping as the crystal
structure is pretty diverse and complex with large quartz deposits, etc...

from the pics - it looks like a good 1/8 inch of material would need to be
ground back and re-polished - this is feasible IF there's enough overhang
in the stone - and IF the sink can be shifted, but that's a LOT of "IF's" to all
line up at one time and all work in harmony.....

Here's my FREE professional advice to you - give your fabricator an honest
chance to repair the chip - to YOUR satisfaction. Depending on the surrounding
circumstances and the skills of your Fabricator - it CAN be done - but like I
said - "The MOON will HAVE to be in the 7th huse, and Jupiter will HAVE to align with Mars" -
seriously - IF all of this can happen - you have a very good
shot at having the chip get fixed and everyone will be happy...

Another option would be to put a bullnose around the opening to blend in
where the material is missing - this could work real well of you're open to it...


IF these options can not be done - the chipped top will need to be replaced......

it's pretty clear cut here....



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Yes, they did it during installation. I didn't notice it since the hard caulk filled in smoothly with the sink edge but then it fell off. The edge is supposed to be a straight edge. My sign-off was a 9 pm quick inspection. I ran my hands around the edges and since everything was smooth, I gave them my okay.

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They filled in the chip with caulk? Again you said they brought this to your attention? So they are aware the crack happened during installation. I would call the fabricator and explain what happened and ask them to try to smooth it out, though I think it would be more difficult to finish a straight edge, if that fails ask them to replace it. THere should be some kind of warranty granite doesn't chip from everyday use. By the way what color stone is it? It does look like Bianco Romano, which is what we have.

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Thank you rufinorox and Kevin for your advice.

No, there is no leftover chip. They tried to cover it up with the hard caulk and I wouldn't have notice it until that caulk piece came off (my lasik eyes didn't even discover it). I measured the chip to be 1/2 inch wide and 1/4 inch from the edge and it is bianco romano. Good eye Kevin.

I don't have much faith in my fabricator anymore. I wanted a flush reveal and I got both flush and postive reveals around the sink. They said that was how the template was drawn. I hate confrontations but I want it done right. Thanks for the boost of confidence.

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IF they can't make a repair that's acceptable to you - then I think a new piece
is in order....

pretty simple - cut and dried scenario - based on what you're saying....

Be nice - but BE assertive and don't back down - it's YOUR kitchen

YOU have to be happy with the final result....

hang in there - as a really good Urologist once told me:

"This too shall pass....." ;-)



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That exact thing happened to my friend around her sink, but not during install. It was after about 6 months of using it.

Her fabricator came back and looked at it and said it wore away because it was a quartz deposit. He fixed it at no charge. (She has Marron Bois granite - sp?)

My friend noticed another quartz deposit and thinking it was just a matter of time, had him chip out that one too and do whatever he did to the other one.

Who knows if that was the "correct" thing to do, but the point is that he did it free of charge...and you are not alone in having granite chip around the sink.

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A good fabricator will work with you to fix this.
Their name, reputation and company are on the line.
Call them talk to them in a cooperative and kind way.
You might be surprised to see that they will work with

If not! If they respond by blaming you....
Then you need to go "Cowboy" on them. Be firm,
demanding, silently aggressive and in a calm cool
Clint Eastwood way tell them they need to fix it or else.

Best of luck.

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A sink edge is the hardest spot in the whole countertop for usage and frequently sees small chips with wear and tear as the years pass. That's an unfortunate aspect of owning a granite countertop, and some stones are just more prone to it than others. THe ones with larger crystalline depos:ts are the worst. Small spots can be "smoothed out" or larger chips epoxied back in place. If the original piece is not available, the next best thing is to have a decorative edge applied to the sink edge. In many ways, rounding over the sink edge will be the best solution is it will eliminate the chip and the rounded edge will be less likely to have any chips in the future. It's one of those things that I have to wonder why fabricators don't do it in the first place other than, "a square edge is how we've always done it."

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"Ah ah....

I know what yer thinkin......

Did he find six chips or only five?

Well to tell you the truth, in all this excitement -

I kinda lost track myself...

But being that this is a 44 Magnum, the most powerful handgun in the world,

and would blow your countertops - CLEAN OFF -

You hafta ask yerself one question.......

Do I feel luck???????

Well....... do ya - punk???"

OK - modified flashback over.......

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Update--The granite people said they can smooth out the chip with a rounded/waterfall edge for the sink opening. I've never seen another type of edge for sink opening other than a straight edge. Will a rounded edge look good? Thanks.

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