Staining Clear Cedar 1x4 T&G

jumabJuly 21, 2010

We will be installing clear cedar strips on our patio ceilings and soffits and have heard that it is not wise to stain for the first year because it will just flake off until the cedar is "weathered". Is there any truth to this? I'm concerned about leaving it untreated so it doesn't turn grey in our climate. As well, does anyone know of a stain I would be able to use that could closely match natural walnut?


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There is No truth to that. Its an urban mith that just will not go away.

John Hyatt

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Thanks John, I was hoping you would reply. I'm going to be heading to a paint store to look at some stains tomorrow.

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Even on new cedar a quality oil based finish will not flake or peel. I would recommend that you talk to the people at Woodrich-Brand. They also have a lot of good information on their web site. I believe their stain color Amaretto would closely match Walnut.

I'd be happy to email you a picture of new T&G cypress that was stained with the Woodrich stain in the Brown Sugar color.

Here is a link that might be useful: Woodrich-Brand

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