Throw made for DD

nana24September 20, 2007

This throw was made using charm squares won at LQS.

I had posted one earlier made for a friend. This one is for DD. It is backed with fleece and stitched in the ditch. I'll post a pick of the back in a minute as I can not figure out how to post 2 pics in the same message. Would welcome instructions.


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That is beautiful Sally!!!!
To post more than 1 pic just copy and post in the message the same as you did the first and when you preview you will see the pics and then submit.

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My pics are in Photobucket. It only lets me copy one picture at a time-when I do the procedure for copying the second the 1st is dropped and the second is then ready to paste. I can go to Garden web and copy the picture but if I go back to get a second one before I submit the post when I go back to Garden web it is gone. I can't minimize garden web, go to photo bucket without having to login in to GW again.
I hope this is not as clear as mud.
I need to read some more on photo bucket, I guess.


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I have GW & Photobucket on my favorites toolbar. I open GW and minimize it.
Then I right click on Photobucket in the toolbar and "Open in a New Window". I minimize this also.
I have both windows open side by side and can copy & paste.

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Thanks, Glass,
I haven't gotten it yet but I am going to get help from DH with your info. maybe we can figure it out.


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I like your quilt, Sally. Don't you love being able to come up with something so you can use your winnings?


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I gave the throw to my daughter last weekend and she was very pleased. She took it on her trip to Wyoming. She even took a picture of it on her bed where they stayed. She always makes me feel like I've done something special. I am blessed with a wonderful daughter.

Sharon, are the "winnings" the left overs? Yes I like to use them. That's a new term for me and I like it.

Thanks everyone,


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I like the idea of a fleece backing for a casual throw. However, with a golden retriever in the house, fleece is out of the question!!

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I love the quilt!
You did a wonderful job. Your choice of border is right on.
Good job.
Love the idea of fleese as a backing.


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Sally: I have the FireFox browser, which lets you keep one site up while you open another one (or more) in another tab, just like the tabs on the cards in a box of recipes. I have GW on one tab and easily switch back and forth from Photobucket. That way I don't lose what I have written so far. It is true that you can only copy and paste one picture at a time, but you can copy and paste more than one picture and thus show more than one in your message.
This is somewhat similar to what Glass does. I hope you will find a way that suits you.

I love your throw. Beautiful colors.

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