Sloppy Gunite

colleenkayMay 25, 2014

How sloppy is too sloppy of a job? I've seen some gunite jobs on here and they look perfect. Ours definitely does not. It's rough, there are piles of gunite in the corners, on the steps,which they did in the dark. The floor is solid trowel marks and the sides are too. The top third of the sides are smooth where the tile goes and the spa looks good. The tanning ledge is all trowel marks also. With this be ok? Am I freaking out for nothing? PB said it will be covered up with plaster.... Which is quartz scapes. Also what about all the piles of loose gunite and chunks every where. Should we clean that up or will the plaster people pick that up before plastering.
Help ease my mind!! And my sick stomach! Thank you!

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Loose materials aren't a problem and can be scrapped out and removed. Rough gunite and trowel marks aren't really an issue since it will be covered by the plaster and are actually a good thing in moderation because it gives the plaster surface a better bond to the gunite. Keep the gunited watered several times a day for the first week to increase the strength.

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We just had the gunite done on our pool a few weeks ago and ours has trowel marks and some loose material. In fact we could not decide on how many umbrella holes to do in the tanning ledge so they put 3 in and said when we go to PebbleTec that we can just fill them in with the PebbleTec if we did not want them. Pictures would help us determine the quality of the gunite job. My gunite guys said that the Pebble Tec, Pebble Sheen, or Plaster is like "icing on the cake" it hides all the imperfections! Just be sure to water your gunite multiple time a day for at least 10 days.

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Thank you! I have been. 3 times usually.

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