ground level deck, rim joist flashing and vents questions

marcelo_pJuly 11, 2014

Hey guys and gals, thanks for any help beforehand, this is a great forum for deck building info. I'm building a ground level deck under the pavilion in the pic. I'm worried about protecting the framing of the deck before I build it. So far after a few rains it looks like like water just about makes it to the rim joist area thanks to the two foot roof overhang all the way around. I have vycor flashing for the tops of the rim joists and for between connectors. I was thinking of putting a layer of vycor on the fascia side of the rim as well as the top to protect it from water. I'm probably going to use cumaru shorts from the decking as fascia to put over it. I've read on here about using vents in the rim and top decking but i'm worried about weakening the the rim which is going to be a double 2x6 on 6ft footing spacing by putting holes in it. I'm putting down a 2 1/2' perimeter of 3/4" pebbles around the deck and it's very sandy soil under where the deck will go, water drains fast if any makes it under. I'm thinking I shouldn't be too worried about ventilation so much since it's covered by a roof and my soil is great for drainage and probably wont really see water anyway.

What do you guys think? Worst case I was thinking maybe just putting vents only where footings are towards the top of the joists to minimize structural weakening.
P.S. the wet ground in the pick is from me hosing off the pebbles. The dirt that will be under the deck hasn't gotten naturally wet yet even after heavy rains.

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Poor idea all around, a deck needs much more ventilation than that. needs to be a minimum of 10" off the ground and open 2 sides at the very least and 3 would be much better.

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wow I know off the ground is best but I figured if it was covered, keeping it pretty dry it would extend the decks life dramatically.

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it is open on 4 sides you will still have moisture/rain and it will still get wet. If anything the roof structure will make it worse as it will not get the sun to help dry it out.

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thanks for the info millworkman, as crappy as it's gonna look i'm going to try and dig deeper around it

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