Matching quilt for baby

nana24August 10, 2008

This is a quilt I just finished and gave to a young couple expecting their 1st child. It is a matching quilt-2 of each fabric mostly bugs, butterflies, frogs, etc. It is 45 x 60 inches so I hope the child will still be using it when he is learning to match.

The young mother to be was so excited. She said she and her siblings had had a quilt their grandmother had made and they each drug it around until it finally fell apart. She was excited that her son would have the same experience. She was going home to call her mom to tell her about it.

It was fun to make.


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Another nice quilt. The sashing and corner stones really give it a nice flow.


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Very Sweet quilt!
I'm sure this will be toted around for years!

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Very nice! I love the matching squares and that you thought ahead to when the child could use the quilt as a comfort AND as a game.


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Sally, Excellent job on the quilt! Don't ya love to hear stories like what the mom told you? I say the child will be using it for a long time, getting it out of the laundry at nap time and looking for it when they're 18 to cuddle with when they don't feel good! At least that's been my experience. @:)


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Very thoughtful gift Sally, I love the material.
My DD had a blankie (store bought) that I had to take away from her and wash when she took a nap.
I din't have the TIME to quilt then LOL!!!!

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Thanks everyone for your nice comments. Sharon that is exactly my hope that it will be a long time friend.


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Very, very cute! I'm not a very advanced quilter and have to have a book to guide me. Did you use a certain book for instructions, or did you make it up yourself? I love it!

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Doesn't it make it all so worthwhile when the recipient of your efforts gets so excited about it? It's a darling little quilt, and should intrigue a baby well into childhood.

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Sorry I didn't answer sooner. I hope you see this. I did not see a way to e-mail you personally.
I just put the blocks together. It is very simple and you can do it. If you see this and want more information, just email me through "My page" and I will try to help in any way I can.

Sally aka Nana24

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That must have been fun to make. The colors are great for a little one. I had wanted to make a bug jar quilt for my grandson a couple years ago but couldn't find enough different "bugs" at the time. tish

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