Can I use this drain pipe?

edweatherMay 22, 2011

This flexible pvc pipe, w/threaded male fitting, comes out of the ground between the pump and filter. The pool came with the house we bought 2 years ago. Last year I asked the pool company that originally did the installation what it was for, and they said that basically it was a drain below the main drain, kind of a french drain, so to speak. We have a vinyl liner that currently has a lot of water behind it due to the high water table from recent rain. The fitting on this pvc pipe looks like it might connect to the inflow on the pump. If it does, can we attach the pool pump (leaving the basket in) to this drain line and pump the water to waste via the waste setting on the filter valve? If we do nothing, it will take at least a week for the liner to settle. Thanks.


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Thats your dry well access. Connecting to the suction side and sending out the waste is a great idea. Just be sure the waste line is far away from the pool and down hill.


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Scott thanks. I tried it today and it worked! It took a minute or so for the pump to fully prime, but then it was full bore for over an hour. I could practically watch the liner settle. The pump eventually lost prime, but not before moving 2000+ gallons. Thanks again.

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