Hot tub on Deck

blakeasJuly 20, 2006

Just bought a home that has a beautiful tri-level deck that extends the whole back of my home. I would like to put a hot tub down on the 2nd level part of my deck. I want to be sure my deck can handle the weight. How can I tell if it can?

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Normal framing can not support a hot tub. John

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What can be done to properly frame it?

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On my deck I sunk it about 18 inches so its the height of a chair. Two reasons, its not safe to sink it all the way as people can trip over it, in it, and slip getting in and out. Metabalism speeds up and people get light headed getting out of them. Its rare, but it happens!

To answer your question, we had a sub deck built below to support the tub. It is speced to 6,000 lbs. Basically its a seporate deck with its own support. Essencially its supported in the middle with a triple beam.

Would you drive a large SUV on your deck? If not, then it needs special attention!

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Usually hot tubs are around 8'x8',we brace that area with 6x6'' beams on 2' centers,6x6'' posts landing on a good cret pier, how good you might ask>>>find out if you need to buy a permit from the permit store, around here I would go 24'' x24'' x 36'' deep

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If your deck was not specifically constructed to handle the weight of a hot tub then it will NOT handle the weight.

Please keep in mind that a gallon of water weighs 8 pounds. If a hot tub holds 400 gallons that's 3200 pounds just in water alone. Add people and the hot tub itself and your close to 5000 pounds. Most midsize cars and SUVs weigh around 4000 pounds.

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Another way of looking at it: Your deck is designed to hold 40 lb/sq ft. That corresponds to water only 8 in deep! Think about it! Water is heavy! Even a child's wading pool puts a deck at risk for failure.

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Thanks for all the warnings - but I just want to know how to remediate the situation. I can pull up the decking so I can get to the ground below to put new posts in. I should just put them on 2' centers? How deep should the posts go? Fill with concrete? If so, how much?

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One way for the framing to go is already listed, the posts should land on the pier not in it. J

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