Finished my Friend's Quilt

love2sewAugust 9, 2009

One of my quilting friends is very ill and can't sew any more so I am helping her finish some projects. She thought Scrap Happy's quilt last year was just beautiful and wanted to make one like it. The backing is fleece and I quilted in two sections. These features I learned right here from you wonderful ladies, thank you!

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What a beautiful quilt! So nice of you to help her out. Good friends are worth their weight in gold!!!

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Thank you for helping your friend finish up some of her projects. You've done a good job with this one and the quilting looks excellent!


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That's really pretty and your quilting is beautiful.

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Your a good friend !!!
Love the quilt and the quilting is so nice!!

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Your quilting is really nice. it looks like a seriously cozy quilt.

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It does look so cozy!! Did she use jeans as the blocks?? I have only used them in raggdey edge quilts hummmmm lol.I love the backing too.
You did a great job on the quilting.

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