Pressure cleaners

bpricedoMay 25, 2012

Why do pressure cleaners need a booster pump? Why couldn't you have a two speed pump, circulate pool on low, switch to high to run cleaner?

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Boosters provide a relatively small volume but big pressure increase.

This is sort of like a backpack blower vs an air compressor. The back pack moves a large amount of air fast but doesn't respond well to back pressure. The air compressor can't give the volume but certainly can overcome back pressure.


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bpricedo, there are a few, like the Polaris 360 that do not require a booster pump. I have no experience with them yet, as my pool is not yet built. Here is another thread where others have helped me with recommendations.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pressure or Suction side cleaner?

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My first pool bid includes a Polaris 280 and booster pump. I wondered, in the spirit of simplicity and fewer moving parts/pumps, if a Pentair Legend II wouldn't work. Don't know if there is a cost difference or not but seems like it should be cheaper overall without the booster, plumbing, electric, etc that is involved with the Polaris. Anyone have experience with the Pentair Legend II?

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I guess the Legend II isn't all that great. My pool design is a freeform 50 x 22. I had read that pressure cleaners had trouble with larger/longer pools, just needing some advice.

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