Pavers Adjacent to a Hard Surface

Trey4UJuly 8, 2014

(I am posting this question at several forums to get a wider disimenation of my question and hopefully a wider response)

I'm gathering information for a paver installation around a pool and was wondering how high above the coping I should set my pavers to that after using a plate compactor the coping and pavers will be at the same height. The only thing I've found so far is to install a few pavers letting them stick up 1/4", run the compactor over them and see how they settle. If the pavers end up too low or too high, adjust the sand bed up or down. I guess with different sands in different parts of the country and with different pavers, the compaction will vary so 1/4" is a starting point. I just hate the thought of renting a compactor for an hour just to check and see how much extra I should leave above the coping so everything ends up even. I'll need a compactor for the aggregate base so if I guess I could get a small area ready and use the compactor before returning it. When all pavers are installed, get the compactor again for a day and run it over everything all at once at the end.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Is 1/4" too high for a starting point? I have no idea how much 1" of sand will compact with pavers on it.

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No one can answer your question honestly.

1. They do not know the type of soil you have.
2. You give no details as to the type or thickness of the gravel base you are using.
3. No one knows the size, weight or compaction capabilities of the compactor you are using.
4. No one knows how much the pavers will settle in a week, month or year.

5 people will say 1/4"
5 will say 1/2"
5 will say 1"

1 will say no one can tell you honestly how high above the adjoining surface they will need to be.

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