My 1st & 2nd felted wool quilts

melindaeuAugust 16, 2006

I posted the 1st one awhile ago, am including it here as a comparison between the two. The first was larger, the 2nd one is from the leftover pieces, it is a single body size. DH likes the larger one for his body, I like the smaller for my side of the bed -- we have such different body temps it's a miracle we even sleep together!

Above, the first one, previously posted

Above and below: This is the smaller single body size, just right for me. In the evenings we meet our neighbors outside our joint patios for a little wine and chat, and I keep nice and warm (yes, even in Sacramento it still gets cool in the summer evenings)

This is a felted wool sweater. Originally it was an extra large, huge, huge, loosely woven sweater. I bought it from the thrift store, did its thing in the washing machine and dryer, and here is the cutest little thing I ever saw (no no, the sweater, not DH....he's the cutest big thing I've ever seen). It is so stiff it actually can stand on its own. This is not good for a blankie though, so I will eventually turn it into a purse. I had about three sweaters that felted too much. Check out those buttons -- they are so close together since the felting! And the button holes are totally closed.


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I pity the poor little child who would have to wear that! LOL (Yeah, I know, it's destined to be something else.) I'll have to try that - I also frequent thrift shops - lots of goodies in them.

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LOVE the quilts Mel, and the little sweater is adorable.

I'm going to have to start looking for wool at thrift stores and garag sales.

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What fun - really nice blankies! And I can vouch for the cool evenings up there also. We ate at Chevy's on the river in Sac on way home from Oregon and was quite surprised at the cool evening air. Down here (Bakersfield), it does not cool off much by evening.

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I love wool quilts great Job. Cute sweater & DH isn't hard on the eyes either!You will have to show your purses when finished!

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Hey, I think I did something like that to one of my sister's sweaters when we were teenagers! She wasn't too happy about it! LOL

Very nice quilts!!BTW

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Very nice quilts Mel. I also did something like that not to long after dh and i were married.I hid it from him for awhile,but he kept asking where's my gry sweater,so i had to fess up.He wasn't mad at all,just said don't worry about it,i can get another.

You could also put it on a doll or teddy bear,they wouldn't mind the stiffness!!! LOL

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