Suspended Porch - Ideas Needed (with picture)

ponotteJuly 21, 2009

Hi Everyone,

My husband and I need ideas for how to proceed with our porch.

We are building it over the zinc roof of the little restaurant downstairs from us. It needs to be light, we need to be able to take it down if roof repairs need to be made, and it can't touch their roof.

We're thinking some type of bracket system along the three walls and maybe steel beams (or wood), topped by wooden beams.

We want the porch to extend to their skylight.

The dimensions are noted here in meters (we live in France and my husband posted this request to a French website), but the whole thing is 13.12 feet across and 7.2 feet wide.

The roof below is at a very slight angle.

Has anyone else tried this kind of thing in the past?

I can't even find examples of something like this anywhere online.

Thanks in advance for any ideas you might have.

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