My almost done quilt

melindaeuAugust 16, 2006

Well, it's as done as it's going to get for a couple of weeks. I just finished at midnight connecting my patches. I still have the border to go, the batting, and the backing, then the quilting. I pretty much dig it. Many of the squares are from top quality thrift shop shirts and table cloths, especially the plaids. Others are from some stash and some swaps. The blue pieces are from Joann's and it is that fabric that I will be doing the backing from -- it's 102 inches wide.

It's for one of my adult grandsons, who is 6'3" (yeah me, a little 5'1" does that happen!?) so I made it longer to fit his bod.

I named it from the beginning, "As American as Apple Pie" (like that's never been done before!). I did that because some of the fabric was apples and pies, and some was rah rah USA stars and stripes. But as I went on, other fabrics started creeping in. It is nothing like the magazine sample that I used for the pattern, no sense to the lights and darks. In fact, the only thing it has in common are the 2 1/2" squares, and the 4 1/2 x 6 1/2" rectangles. The orginal is so pretty which is why I went for this, but I just couldn't duplicate what they did!


Me at midnight in my jammies.

DH kindly got out of bed to hold take my pic and hold it all up for me.

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Oh, I really like that!!!

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HOW FUNNY -- I was looking at those pictures and in my head I kept thinking, exactly, "OH, I REALLY LIKE THAT." So I scrolled down to post it and what would you know but Scraphappy was three steps ahead of my.

Oh, I really like that, By the way!

Love it!

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I'm going to third Laura and ScrapHappy. I really like that! I may have to copy it one of these days.

~ Kit

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I like it too!

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Oh Mel, I just love it! It's so cozy and homey and the different size squares make it so interesting. What a neat quilt!

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Now THERE'S a cheery quilt! I hope your giant grandson has happy dreams under that happy quilt.

Lovely job

Marti in Mexico

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A great scrappy quilt! Love that blue fabric and the stars in the 9-patch blocks.


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I just love that one,as someone else said it's so homey.
Make sure to check out the dust ruffles(bed skirts) at the thrift shops as well.A lot of fabric in those things.Can you tell i do the thrift shop thing also???

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Thanks for posting the pictures. It looks great!

I saw this pattern in the magazine (can't remember which one now) and thought it would be perfect for those 9-patch and 4-patch blocks I made doing the "leaders and enders" routine from the Quiltville website.

Marti, what about all those blocks you made in, as you put it, color combinations that you will never use? Hmmmmmm.


Here is a link that might be useful: Leaders and Enders explained

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Mel, I love it. Looks like a nice old quilt.


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That is a fabulous quilt. I love it. It's a wonderful use of scrap fabrics. Absolutely lovely.

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Mel, that is a fantastic quilt! I just love it! I was thinking that since I don't have a pretty blue paisley like you used, a denim would look good with that pattern too. Now that's another inspiration I'll have to add to my list.

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I love it also.

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