BEWARE!- integrity pools & spa- tampa, fl area

jump427May 9, 2011

Im sorry to post this so late in the game but i have been strung along by this guy for three years. Three years of promises, guarantees and sad stories have left me with an unfinished pool project. My nightmare started on 6-19-08 and is still not done. To make it worse I have paid 95% of the contracted price. The terms of the contract demanded payments at certain steps. I did not know those steps could be done way b4 I saw a drop of water in the huge hole.

Anyway long story short use someone else.

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Sounds like you have a real issue with these people.

Have you filed with the BBB, and contacted your state attorney general office ?

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All the builders we talked to wanted a deposit before starting. A payment at dig, a payment at gunite, a payment at decking, and a final payment at completion.
If you have paid 95% then are you very close to finished? Hire somebody else to finish it and then go after the original builder in court.

My intuition tell me there are two sides to this story and it may not be that clear cut?

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thanks for the replys.
the terms were 10% down, 50% rough shell, 35% tile and equipment set, 5% completion.
so i paid 95% and was left with a with a gunite hole in the ground.
in florida, and im sure other areas, you must have some kind of barrier around the pool b4 the interior can be finished and filled with water.
my barrier was supposed to be a screen enclosure. my contractor couldnt get that done for me, it was the next step.
some additional work has been finally been done.
after i hired a fence installer (my expense) the pool interior could be done and filled with water.
so we are swimming but still missing some pricy items and needing reimbursement for other work.

i got tired of the empty promisses so in March i met with the owner. we discussed what was left to do, and came up with a dollar amount, $10K. pretty cheap considering three of the items were a screen enclosure, automatic solar heating system and the salt system. I told him i wanted the project done or the money by May 1 or i would begin to file claims/ complaints. im now filing.

complain to bbb? yes case# 67199060
complain to dept of business & regulation. yes
try and get word out to others is all i can do.
taking him to court doesnt really do anything.
yes there two sides, and this is mine.

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wow.... 10% down... our project was for $90,000... In California, Pool Builders are only allowed to collect $200.00 down and the rest in stages although most contracts seem to be front loaded when the consumer has to come up with roughly 50% of the job by the time gunite is completed. I think we paid $9000.00 or 10% after dig and $9000.00 after steel.. or 10%... another 27,000 or 30% after partial electrical and completed gunite. so we were into it for $45,000 and all we had was gunite. I know from talking to subs that the builder had only spent 2000.00 on dig and 3500.00 for steel and his gunite cost was 5500.00 and misc plumbing was 2500. not even complete plumbed out yet. so he was 13,500 out of pocket and I had already paid $45,000.00?? I guess they get their profit first before completing the job? who knows... our project also included an outdoor kitchen/bar and BBQ and fireplace with 2500 sq. ft of stamped and colored decking that was also into the price and was added to the individual payment program.. when the builder is building you much more than a pool, it is quite easy to feel you are on the wrong side of a front loaded contract.. the price of the Deck/BBQ/Bar/Kitchen/fireplace were all included in the intial payment plan.. yet the builder was not even close to even starting any of those items when we were 1/2 way thru with the payment plan. I feel your pain... good luck

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