Sink in island reviews

AJinNHMarch 23, 2013

I am considering placing our sink in either an island or a corner area that would face out into our breakfast nook and family room instead of under a window where it is now.

If anyone has this setup and would like to share your opinion and experience I would be very grateful.

Anything that you would change or do differently?


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Where would your dishwasher be? And the cabinets where the dishes are stored? This would be a big consideration for me. Having the sink, DW, and dish cabinets in close proximity is key for convenience.

That said, we have our main kitchen sink under the window as well as a veggie/prep sink in the island. It's really a huge plus, as I use both sinks constantly. The veggie sink is used when prepping food at the island, quick hand washing, etc., and the main sink for doing dishes, and most clean-up.

Could you consider a reasonably priced veggie sink in the island in addition to the main sink under the window?

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There have been numerous threads regarding main sinks located in an island. Use Google and the words "main sink, island and gardenweb"and you will have plenty of reviews and opinions to read.
It seems to me that there are many GWers who are not in favor the cleanup sink in the island but I have to say I love my island sink set up. My sink faces a sitting area and my back yard. Directly behind my island is my cooktop wall. I have all drawer bases there. The sink is slightly off set from the cooktop.The dishwasher is to the right of the sink? The aisle is 50 inches wide from the counter top edges. The dishwasher door and the cabinet drawers can both be fully open with out touching each other. I keep all of my everyday dishes, silverware, utensils and my pots and pans in the drawers. Unloading the dishwasher into the drawers is a breeze. I like it so much better than lifting dishes into overhead cabinets. I do not have a separate prep sink but I find that I have plenty of room to prep on each side of my cooktop and on the island. It is great to be able to pivot from sink to stove and visa versa.
If you post your layout I'm sure you will get some feedback on whether an island sink placement is a good idea for you or not.

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What badger gal said, almost exactly (except my dishes are in an upper beside the range so it's a pivot from the dishwasher).

May also be the layout of our particular kitchens, because my island also faces a sitting area and the back yard. Love the sink in the island and have zero desire to go back to cleaning up facing the wall.

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I have my main sink in the island, and both dishwashers. Glasses and dish cabs directly behind the one dishwasher.

LOVE LOVE LOVE this setup. I face out into the activity all the time while doing anything at the island.

The prep sink, off at the end of the perimeter, is great when the island is too busy.

It totally works for us!

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