Recent PCs from a Nocturnal Quilter

miles661August 12, 2008
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Your PC's are works of art, very beautiful!!
I think that you are very lucky with Stephen being completely honest about his opinion of your work.
That being said Is he crazy????? LOL
I love the mobile and it matches your decore beautifully IMO.
Your attention to detail shows in all of your projects. Instead of Goodwill, where they will never get a price for your art that it deserves, sell it, give as gift, or place it in your design room for yourself if it really bothers Stephen that much. It just might grow on him!!!!!!!!

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Your PC's are fabulous! Your workmanship is really first class. Each one is a work of art. You should be proud of your work.

I don't know who Rosa is talking about apparently not being impressed with your work but I wonder about him,too.
Don't let one opinion slow you down. Apparently Rosa saw some of your work in another place. Remember it is your work and I for one like it!


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Miles, In achieving the design of your art quilts, your skillfulness is very apparent. Although this isn't what I personally prefer, I think you're clever in putting the various materials and stitching together.


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Miles, the PCs are wonderful little works of art and your quilts are wonderful big works of art. I have seen pieces of "art" in the Hirshhorn that would make you scratch your head. A totally white canvas, no color, no frame, just a white canvas. I was informed it was the 3rd in the series of white canvasas and was priceless. I guess my livingroom wall is also priceless as it is an undecorated canvas also. I think art should evoke an emotion, or reaction from the viewer (hopefully one the artist intended), but to leave the viewer wondering "why is this here" is not art.


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