Kitchen Paint Color-let's add in some life!

kellienoelleMarch 26, 2013

I am leaving my remodeled kitchen (courtesy of the help of GW) at the end of the week when I move to a new house. The kitchen there is fine (except for a misplaced sink that I am trying to get over), but is blander than bland. Way too beige for me. My plan was to live in it and eventually paint it along with the adjoining hearth type room at some point down the road. However, my mother is coming out to help me move and mentioned something about hoping to get that kitchen painted too while she is here. Now who am I to pass up some cheap labor, so am now scrambling to come up with some paint colors to spice it up a bit. Here are the pics from the listing ....the furniture is the previous homeowners. We'll be getting new furniture eventually so don't need to worry about matching current furnishings. The only adjoining room with color is the dining room which is red (and visible on the connecting wall).

So help me breath life into this "fine" kitchen.

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and here is a pic of the adjoining hearth room

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Well, I love the SW Anjour Pear that we used!

Here is a link that might be useful: anjou pear

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Green. Something bold, but not in your face. SW Hearts of Palm. I like how it plays well with red.

Or, if not it, one of the yellowed greens on this card would work.

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LWO, I just suggested Hearts of Palm to a friend earlier in the week. She has natural maple cabs and I thought they would play nice together.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

You are leaving a perfect kitchen to someone else. You can't control what THEY do after they buy.

I love what you did, but wouldn't buy if you changed it.


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oh I love that green. Its bright, it's happy, it's full of life. I wonder if that would fly with my husband. I wonder how it would look as just an accent wall if I couldn't talk him into an all over color.

One last pic which shows that the green may either kind of "connect" with the red unless I change it. It is not very visible in this pic due to the pendant light in the way, but it is kind of the transition point from the hallway from the dining room to the kitchen where the paint and crown molding just end. I had thought that I would want to extend the crown eventually but if I did that I would probably have to extend that red paint to at least down that wall around the fridge? And how would that tie into the new color?

And desertdance, this is the kitchen in my new house that I am moving into this week that I want to paint while I have my mother here. My old kitchen (not pictured) is the one that I remodeled.... and has the sink placed in the appropriate spot But again, I am trying to get over that in this new house ... not really working, huh? haha

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Bump to see iff there are any other ideas for wall color

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To be honest, my immediate reaction was a salmon or melon color, not unlike the chair in the photo above.I am not sure it would work--that was was just the first thing I thought of.

However, I like the pear and especially the green others have posted.

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My cabinets are a bit lighter than yours and I have similar counters. I haven't painted yet, but we tried several samples on the walls and we like tea light (I think it's Ben Moore).

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Here is the link. It shows a matching palette which is very pretty too.

Here is a link that might be useful: BM Tea Light

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Congratulations on your new home. I'm sure you will very quickly have it personalized with your great decorating style. I love the suggestion for the Hearts of Palm color. If you can't get your husband on board with that shade of green perhaps he would be open to a more sage green color. We had a red living room in a rental condo we owned and the adjoining hallway was sage green. It looked great together.
You could also consider a tan color. Our painter and I tried very hard to use some red color accent with the BM Hillcrest Tan color I put in my kitchen. Didn't get it to work in my space but the red looked good with the dark tan. Hillcrest Tan is a hard color to photograph accurately but the picture below is a pretty good representation (and see how nice the red in the ribbon looks with the tan)

Can't wait to see how your space looks when you put your touch on it.

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Thank you so much for the responses. I am leaning towards some type of green for that room. I actually did get my husband to OK the Hearts of Palm, so will try putting a sample on the wall. My mother is afraid of color, so I can only assume she will about have a heart attack when she sees it. If the vote is that this is too bright, I also really like the Tea Light. It looks really fresh with the white trim in that picture (which the adjoining hearth room has) and the matching palatte includes colors very similar to the kitchen cabinets and counters.

I appreciate the suggestions, we move over the next two days so time is short to go paint sample shopping! I'll keep you guys posted!

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There is no paintable wall space in the kitchen, is there? You're really talking about painting the family room - is that correct or have I missed something?

If you want to liven up the kitchen space, paint the ceiling and add colorful accents of orange, green and blue.

Do you like the red in the adjoining space? That's the color I would change, and pair creams and blues with your woods in the kitchen/fr.

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You could try BM Grant Beige, a nice beige/tan with a green undertone. It won't be too much darker than what you have now, but the color has more depth. It goes great with red and orange.

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I saved a photo of Grant Beige from Houzz that I really liked, and it does look like a very nice organic green.

Here is a link that might be useful: Grant Beige

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