Water leak from top of filter

dag63May 9, 2012

We have water running down from the top of our DE filter, from underneath the pressure gauge. A few months ago I noticed some water bubbles from that same spot, but now its seems to be flowing a little more. The PB says to shut down the pool to avoid the filter blowing or something. But, they can't get to it for 7 - 10 days. Do I really need to shut it down? Is there some way to temporarily fix it until the repair men can get to us?

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Do you have a mutiport valve? If you do put it in Recirculate and you can keep the pool running and they will not be any water going through the filter. What filter brand do you have?

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muddy water: I do have a multiport valve. Thanks for the tip about recirculating the water. I have a Pentair FNS filter. My PB says that it is obsolete at this point, but I can probably find a replacement top online. In fact, there are a few places that sell the tops for between $600 and $700. A completely new filter will cost roughly $1200 with installation. The only concern I have about buying just the top is whether there are more problems with the current filter than a leaky top.

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Is the crack in the dome or in the pressure relief valve on top? The relief valve is not that expensive to replace.How old is the filter? If you have all Pentair equipment then the warranty should be 3years.. You should not have to replace the multiport valve just the body so you should be able to replace the whole tank for $600...I replaced the grids in one the other day the parts are still out there. If it were mine I would just replace the top.


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muddy - the crack is in the dome itself. The filter is eight years old. So, I ordered a new one online. The total cost, with delivery, was $750. It arrived today and I have someone to install it tomorrow. Looks like I will get the pool up and running fully by this weekend. I have been running it on "recirculate" with the filter offline.

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@dag63 and anyone else that orders on line and decides to hire a "pool pro" to install it: Just my $0.02 but do you bring your own steak to the Outback and ask them to serve it too?

IMHO, not buying it from the the true pro installing it is not helping him be there tomorrow. It's fine if you're going the DIY route but not to save the few dollars it might save when you intend to hire a real pro.

I refuse this type of work as I have found the client has no loyalty except to the dollar. I may have financial needs but my morals and ethics mean more to me than the possible short term gain. My customers like that too.


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I'm really glad you are getting it fixed but I would suggest you build a relationship with a pool pro also and purchase from them. If that filter has a problem one will blame the other on if it was a installion problem or a factory problem and you will be stuck in the middle.


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