OT: The meaning of 'abi'

biwako_of_abiAugust 5, 2006

I suddenly remembered that someone asked where I got the "abi" in my name, but I can't find the thread that was on, so am replying here.

It comes from the cattery name we used when we were breeding and showing Abyssinian cats in Japan, 'way back. In the States, a cat is registered with the Cat Fanciers Association with the name of the cattery, which is sort of like the cat's family name, first, and after that, its personal name; but in Japan, the association we first registered Biwako with put the cattery name last. Biwako was the first red Aby to be born in Japan, and her name is the same as the name of a lake near Kyoto, but it is also a reference to the orangey loquat fruit ("biwa" in Japanese).

I wanted just to use Biwako on GW, but for some reason, that was rejected and I had to add something else to get it accepted.

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I just love finding out the history of names. Even if we don't realize it when choosing a name either as a given name or nick name, there is a history that goes with it. Using your furbabie's name is very special.


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