Hanging with Japanese birds

biwako_of_abiJuly 30, 2006

As you can see, for this wall hanging--also made for DH--I used outlines from the same coloring book patterns and just looked up the details on Japanese birds that had shapes and beaks similar to the American ones. DH helped with the research. This piece is also machine quilted. I hope machine quilting is not a no-no on this forum!

Image link:

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What a lovely quilt. My grandmother used coloring books for inspiration also. Machine quilting in most welcome on this forum.


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Biwako,your work is beautiful. I love birds. You have captured them so wonderfully.
What an accomplished artist you are.
Thank you so much for sharing this and the other quilt.
I am going to copy it to my "Inspirational File" to look at when I need a boost.
Thanks again,

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Oh, my! More birds. I'd have to sit down if I wasn't already.

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Thanks, GrammyP and Doris. Grammy, what sorts of coloring books did your grandmother find inspiration in, do you know?
Glassquilt: LOL. I had to *lie* down after finishing the three American bird quilts in one summer. I was pretty sick of birds by then, and I don't know how I managed to get up enough interest to do the Japanese hanging after that; it was probably just the challenge of figuring out which picture in the coloring book would fit which Japanese species.

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Wow that's gorgeous,i also love birds,as long as they are outside.LOL That's just beautiful!!!

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Oh that's just beautiful! Looks like it was alot of work and time comsuming but what gorgeous birds!

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