Quilt of American birds

biwako_of_abiJuly 30, 2006

I made this for DH, years ago, and now we have it on our living room wall. Traced the pictures from a coloring book. I quilted each square as I went along, and my only regret about this quilt is that I used some special Japanese "dyeing crayons" for the colors, so they didn't stand up as well as textile paints. After this quilt, I made two duplicates of it, using textile paints, one for my mother and one for my aunt, but I quilted those by machine to save time.

The birds are stuffed a bit extra, and I quilted all around the pictures, the lines being about 1/4" apart. I had plenty of time that summer, being on a visit to my aunt and mother, because we sat around and talked and watched TV almost all the time.

Image link:

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Fabulous quilts. It must look stunning on the wall. I agree the paints hold up much better than the crayons. I have also used dyes instead of paints and they held up very well also.


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Beautiful birds. I'd have trouble drawing one or two and you did a whole flock three times.

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What beautiful birds. I am amazed at how life like they look. If I tried that it would look like some little kid tried their hand at coloring.

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You are definitely an artist!! I could never and would never attempt anything like that!! It's beautiful!

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A spectacular quilt! You are certainly a talented artist as well as quilter. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks for the nice words, everyone. They are the more welcome because I have been looking through the pictures in the Gallery and seeing what great quilt makers there are on this forum. Your quilts are inspiring, and I am looking forward to viewing all the ones in the Gallery, bit by bit. What a treat!

The coloring book really deserves the praise for artistry. I only wish I could draw birds well. Cats and dogs are more my thing (doing leather tooling).

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Holy Cow! (Or maybe I should say "Big Bird!") You traces/drew all those? WOW. Gorgeous. I looked at the picture before reading yor post and just assumed they were panels.


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Your quilts are just beautiful! I'm just awestruck. Thanks for sharing.

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Laura in SD: Yes, to be specific, I traced them and transferred them using regular carbon paper. Then I outlined them with permanent market.

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