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glassquiltJuly 7, 2007

I want my old house back. I'm tired of having to make stupid decisions. Everything is 'the same' but not quite the same. The shelves in the linen closet are slightly different so I have to rethink how I fold linens. The kitchen cabinets are about 1 1/2" lower than the old ones and I hit my hand on the bottom because I picked up a dish from the drainer without rethinking. The mirror on the medicine cabinet is different. The shower handle is wrong. Some of the light switches are in the wrong spots.

I know - I'm crying over split milk. It's all nice and new and clean and smells good but I want my old house.

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I can't even complain correctly. This was supposed to be in conversations. C***

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Glass, I loved hearing your whiny complaint and I got a good laugh cause it was posted on the wrong page.:)

Don't worry, your brain will soon adjust to all the new changes. It is amazing how well atuned one becomes with their home after a few years. Most people do not realize how great the old was until they get the new (not just houses). It must be harder when you don't have a choice.

You can complain anytime. I don't mind.


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It will get better in time.

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Poor Glass! I am also of the mind that you will get used to it all pretty soon. Does 1&1/2" lower mean that much more space inside the cabinets? (cup-half-full person asking here) Or was there no gain in space to make up for the inconvenience of hitting your hand? Be extra careful for awhile so you don't hit your head or anything.

I said you'd get used to it, but something funny is happening here. Although we have lived in this house for over 10 years, there is a place in the living room where my brain still apparently feels there should be a light switch. Every so often I find myself starting to put a hand out to feel for the phantom switch, and it is disconcerting and annoying to realize there isn't one. I can only imagine how much worse it would be if there really had been a switch there until a few months ago!

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Getting used to a new house is always hard. But when the house is so very similar to the old one it is very difficult. You can always have the switches moved, but the kitchen cabinets would be a bit harder to fix. Just feel free to vent anytime (and anywhere), we don't mind.


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Hear you. It is amazing how "set in our ways" we become.
I have been in this house for over a year and still when I am looking for something especially that I don't use often, I still think in the other house I kept it "so & so". The really bad thing is because of job we have been in 3 places in the last 5 years. We had been in one for 7 years, moved, stayed there 3 years and moved to our present. I can tell where something was 2 houses ago better than now sometimes.
We hope this is our forever home but I hesitate saying that because I've always hoped where I lived would be my forever home.
Hope you adjust quickly to the changes and enjoy the newness!!

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Maybe posting in the gallery was also saying you want the old GW quilt forum back, too. LOL


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Glass, I understand completely..when we got back into our home after the fire I had to rethink where I was..the outside was the same but the inside was completely different..its been 3 years and I still have trouble..sometimes I cant remember how my old house was...the only thing I can say is that I was at the house everyday when they were working on it and I was calling the contractor everyday...I improved where I could and also reminded them about caulking holes so I didnt have mice..I think these guys must have lived in a barn...Judy

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