need help on prepping ground for deck

rereeJuly 20, 2009

I have laid plastic that you use to protect floors when painting. Then on top of this plastic I have laid old carpet on the ground.

I want to know if this will harm the wood that I intend to lay on top for a ground deck.

Please help me.

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I assume you are doing this project outside? Does atmospheric precipitation (like rain) occur where you live? Take that stuff up and haul it to the dump. Anyone saving old carpet, do the world a favor and get rid of it!

Painters plastic is not for protecting floors. That is what drop cloths are for. It is too thin and will tear as soon as you walk on it. Plus the paint drips get on your shoes and track everywhere. Cloth drops absorb the drips and wipe off your shoes as you work.

For construction grade plastic, use the thick 6-mil stuff. The black will resist UV decay. Clear decays in a year outdoors. Without seeing your job, I wouldn't know if a ground level vapor barrier is necessary. One thing is if you have a vapor barrier, it needs to be graded properly to prevent standing water from accumulating under the deck.

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Plastic and carpet aren't needed (or wanted) underneath a deck, even a ground-level deck. You'll still need to build it like a taller one: concrete piers, posts, beams, joists, and with decking on top.

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Thanks Aidan m and weedyacres. I am just an old lady trying to be a diy. (S M I L E )

I want a ground deck so bad. I am trying to do this by myself so any advice is great.

Taking pictures to send if I can figure out how to link the pictures.

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Here's a how-to guide that will provide you some good info:

Here is a link that might be useful: How to build a GL deck

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