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freerider_txMay 11, 2013

Hi - I am under construction in DFW! :) It's a freeform gunite pool with spa, approximately 12,000 gal. I have a Jandy VSP (VS-FHP2.0) pump for the pool/spa, a separate pump for water features (sheer descent and 3 bubblers), and a booster pump for Polaris 280. The pool has 5 returns and 2 skimmers and the spa has 6 jets.

My question is on the returns to the pool. There is one 2" pipe from the pad that splits into 2 1.5" pipes after about 5'. One of the 1.5" lines feeds 3 returns and the other 1.5" line feeds the other 2 returns. Is this adequate?

Any feedback is appreciated!!

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5 returns is overkill for your size pool, 3 or 4 would be plenty, I would have them pipe each return individually as a "home run" from the equipment pad in 2" PVC. Make sure they install a valve on each return at the pad. That way of you ever have a problem you can valve off the return. Individual valving will allow you to balance the returns as well,

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Big funky,
I hope that your not a builder. Pool returns are like a car. You need a certain amount of back pressure for them to operate properly. Four returns are normal.
I start with a 3" return at the equipment then down size it to 2.5" then to 2" then as I go around the pool to 1.5". The amount of water that gets moved at a low speed is pretty significant.

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