rosajoe_gwJuly 8, 2006

I had some material that I bought CHEAP (50cents a yard) and it is one of those things that you get home and say WHY? Even though it was not a lot of money I did not need it. So I decided to do something with it and I made a rag quilt. I am going to add a butterfly in the center but so far I have not found the exact one I like.

Fast & easy so I can work on my stars!!!


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Wow! That's so pretty! You got a bargain with a nice quilt out of it. Way to go!

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I think that is so pretty. Looks like you made a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

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I love rag quilts, Rosajoe, and that is a exceptionally pretty one! There's just something about rag quilts that are warm and cuddly. Love the variation of pinks.

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That's beautiful! You sure made that "cheap" fabric shine!

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I love your quilt!
Makes me want to curl up on the bed and snuggle under it with a good book.
Way to go.

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That is so pretty I could eat it! Would someone please explain --even briefly--how the "rag" part is made?

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