My Basting Board

geezerfolks_SharonG_FLJuly 30, 2008

The post in Discussions got me to thinking that I don't think I've ever posted a pic of what DH made for me to baste on. I just place it on the kitchen table when I want to baste. The duct tape acts as a hinge and it folds to 24" by 72" so fits nicely behind a door when not in use. It sure has saved me from crawling around on the floor. Opened up, it's 48" X 72" and since I don't do very many big bed size quilts, this serves me well. I tacked a piece of flannel to one side to use as a design board, so it doesn't spend much time behind a door. I've also been known to put my big ironing board (DH made me) on the kitchen table rather than set up the reg ironing board to put it on.


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Now why didn't I think of that????


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Beverly, Another quilter's DH made one for her and she shared the info. I don't remember how long ago it's been, but I sure do appreciate it. She never posted a picture of it so I don't know what her's looked like. We had Home Depot cut the plywood at 6ft then split it down the middle. Clay sanded and varnished so it isn't rough. I don't think I could handle it full size and, for me, it wouldn't be so easy to store.


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what a perfect solution. Boy I sure can't get to the floor and if I did, it would take a crane to lift me back up! LOL>

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Very crafty hubby!!! I love the duck tape idea for hinges.

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Jean, I feel the same way!! If I had one of those electric chairs, I could crawl over and have the footrest lift me up like my mom did when she fell and couldn't get up. Innovative lady, she is!

Rosa, Duct tape, rah rah rah, good for many things! I'm also using the 'donut pillow' on the chair (the up/down feature no longer works) at my sewing machine to make me taller and my back doesn't hurt for those long periods of time at the machine. Maybe I should make a special 'quilty' covering for it rather than wrapping a beach towel around it. lol

Make sure the weight of the plywood is something you can handle. I carried it around in the store before we had it cut. @:)


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