Cosmetic dentistry

fran1523April 13, 2013

Does anyone here have experience with cosmetic dentistry, whitening, veneers, etc. I've always hated my teeth and thought my smile left a lot to be desired. I'm thinking seriously about having some kind of work done. I've got so much invested in the infrastructure with crowns, fillings. bridges, and implants that I might as well go for the stuff that shows.

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I had veneers on six or eight top front teeth about 15 years ago.....well worth the money.
I had an excellent dentist.
I also have two implants.
The most important thing to remember is to be very diligent in flossing and brushing. I also use a WaterPic.
Good luck.

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I found out I am allergic to whiting products. But would love to have my teeth straightened, but dentist said no due to my age.

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I have dental implants....what they call the "all on four" procedure. It is four implants top, and four bottom, and arches of teeth attach to them. I guess that is cosmetic. It sure changed my looks!

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I got braces at age 54!
They are off now, and they were worth all the time and trouble (and pain!).

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I'm tempted to get braces now and I am older than LuAnn. I've always had a lower front tooth that protruded a little bit. The permanent tooth came in before the baby tooth fell out. It seems to have shifted in the past few years and now is pushing against my upper front tooth. It's really annoying and I'd love to get that lower tooth back in line. The rest of my teeth are straight but I so wish my parents had gotten braces for my lower teeth. In the meantime, I whiten them and I do have one implant.

There's a memorable moment in the movie Peggy Sue Got Married when she is talking to her grandfather (Barney):

Peggy Sue: Grandpa, if you had a chance to go back and do it all differently, what would you have changed?
Barney Alvorg: Well, I would have taken better care of my teeth.

Ha, ha, that line always resonates with me!

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I've had braces at 40.
Veneers on 12 teeth when I was 50.
Two implants with a bridge three years ago at age 57.
The braces were a waste of money.
The implants were necessary because I was born without several adult teeth and a couple capped baby teeth finally gave out.
The veneers changed my life. I smile like I've never smiled before, ever, in my life. I love them so much despite the large void in my bank account.


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I have tetracycline staining on my teeth so they aren't a pretty white color and cannot be whitened. I thought about having veneers on the teeth that show when I smile, but my dentist talked me out of it. He said that your teeth have to be shaved a little bit for the veneers to be attached properly and the underlying tooth is weakened as a result. I may still do it someday if the technology improves.

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If I may suggest just don't over do it. I am a movie buff and so many actors have perfect white teeth that look like dentures. I fell as a young person breaking my 4 upper front teeth. They did not do crowns or implants back then, eventually I had to have an upper denture. The dentist told me he was NOT going to make it look perfect, he put a flaw in them like my orig teeth had. No one ever knew I had an upper denture unless I told them.

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This 2 year old thread got bumped up by a spam post. Spam posts aside, Houzz's forum software seems to like to resurrect old chestnuts in the More Discussions area.

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They were resurrected in the garden web all the time. I saw one that was 2002. Even though they are old there is often information and ideas people can use in them. No big deal.

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Darn! I didn't notice that it was an old thread. I wish the date of the original post would show on the topic listing.

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It does!

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