Pink N Yellow Baby

rosajoe_gwJuly 7, 2008

I made this raggedy from a pink w yellow daisy scrap and my Mother gave me the yellow gingham.

I have never used gingham in a quilt, but it works very well in a raggedy (IMO). Do you try to iron your raggedy gifts or am I going a little over board?? I know their popularity is the fact they look so comfy and soft.

Note to self, never go into the sewing room wearing black. I now look like I am wearing black with spots. Or is it lint LOL!!!!!!!


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That looks so cozy, soft and warm.I like gingham.I think it has an old-fashioned feel to it.And I think the daisy fabric is perfect with the yellow. Great job.TFS.

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That's really cute, Rosa. Looks comfy cozy....


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That is such a cute baby quilt! I don't understand what the fuzzy stuff is on it tho. can you explain?

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A raggedy edge quilt is sewn with the seams facing out towards you.
Instead of batting in the middle of the sandwich I use prewashed muslin and prewashed fleece works well.
After the quilt is made you clip the seams close to the stitched line and wash and dry.
These quilts have become very popular, I have made some denim ones and I don't use a middle material just the top and bottom beacuse they are so heavy.
They are really fun to make. If you try one clip it outside and shake out the lint as much as you can. When you dry it check the lint trap often to empty the lint, it builds up fast.

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I love it! Simple pattern with beautiful colors and fabrics! I may try that design myself!

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It really does look soooo cozy!!!!
The colors are really great !!!!
I love to do rag quilts too!!

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