Automatic Pool cleaners

bpricedoMay 1, 2012

We had a Great White suction side cleaner on our fiberglass IG pool that worked great. Planning new pool and I asked PB about pressure side cleaners. He said that requires an extra pump (which I knew) but the pump would go out in a couple of years. So are there longevity issues with booster pumps for pressure side cleaners?

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it depends
one of my customers had to replace his booster pump twice in 1 year

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My booster pump is going into the 11th year, no issues knock on wood. Keep in mind I'm in MI so it is only used 5-6 months of the year.

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We've had pressure side cleaners for 27 years and we have replaced the booster pump at least once, maybe twice. We are in California and have lots of trees near the pool including redwoods so use it 12 months a year.

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