Can someone explain where you would mount a soap dish like this?

kam76April 24, 2014

I have a vintage style bathroom with a corner sink (i.e. zip zero, zilch counter space ) and I was thinking it might be cool to have some of the vintage enamel pieces like cup holder, tooth brush holder etc. I am baffled by this soap dish though. Where do you mount this so that when you put the goopy soap in it it doesn't get all over the floor/wall? Or maybe it does? I guess I have never seen one in actual use before.

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Though I'm not sure, I would guess this goes in the tub area?

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It looks like my fave soap dish, Urban Arch. Yale, which I have in several of my bathrooms ... all in shower stalls. They are terrific in that setting but don't work over a sink

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Maybe you could find another plain soapdish that will fit inside the basket so you can use it by a sink,

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It would usually hang above the middle of the sink, in between the two taps. A harder soap would be okay in it and the holes would allow the soap to dry out instead of turning to mush.

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There was a time when people had outdoor sinks when men worked outside. These soap dishes were used above the outdoor sink and possibly Ivory soap or some hog lard soap was used, the residual of which dripped onto the ground and killed insects and fungi lurking nearby. These were posted onto a pole which, behind the sink, held towels as well.

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ditto what chijim said. Put that awesome soap dish above the sink where it belongs. An insert is inexpensive and easy to rinse if it gets goopy. I'd just let the goopy soap drip anyway if it was right over the sink.

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