Looking for deck privacy ideas

cookingkarenJune 20, 2010

Since I lost the deck vs patio fight, I am now trying to come up with a "privacy screen" that will block my view from that of my neighbor's deck. There is already a 6' fence between us, but of course we can see right over it now and onto their deck.

We have considered plantings next to the fence to block the view, container plantings on the deck, a lattice screen (which has been ruled out in the most basic form). I was trying to conceive of a better than lattice looking screen that might have a built in counter/serving area so that the "wall" looked like it had a purpose besides just holding up the "screen."

Does anyone have a good privacy idea? Does anyone have pictures? Feedback welcome!

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For privacy I like to use louvered sections where the deck railing would go. Bring the boards close enough together & you can not see at all thru it. I've used it on several projects so I'm sure there are pics of it on my site. Go here to see, www.alscustomdecks.com

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You could try a patio scene. I think they fit into the wall where old regular screen goes.

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