Choosing Between Two Pool Builders in Massachusetts

buzz2May 6, 2012


I have it narrowed down to two pool builders, South Shore Gunite and Doherty Pool & Spa, and plan to sign with one of them within the next 24 to 48 hours. I started with five quotes.

It is difficult to compare apples to apples with any two pool builders because of what each one includes, excludes, etc.

I like both companies and either one I believe would build a quality pool. I like both salesmen. The one from Doherty is extremely attentive (although he may no longer be involved after the sale).

South Shore Gunite offers a completion date with $1500 penalty to themselves for failure. I have asked Doherty P&S and it sounds like they will match it but not sure of the date for them yet.

South Shore Gunite offers a five year warranty on everything they install, labor included, which is very attractive. Doherty P&S does not. South Shore Gunite can do the whole job including pool deck although I may hire separate contractors to do some of the work including pool deck anyway. Not sure yet.

Has anyone hired either company to build their pool and what were your experiences with them? I have not been able to find reviews online.

Anything else to consider before making a final decision?

It will be a 20 x 44 ft inground pool with Roman ends, and 8 ft diving board with 9 foot deep end. Pool deck will be exposed aggregate with brick/paver coping or paver deck with cantilevered concrete coping.

Anything you can offer to help us with our decision would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Hi Buzz,
I'm researching pool companies in Mass and came across this post. Who did you go with? I had South Shore Gunite come out this week and am looking to get another quote to compare with.

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Call Easton Pool in Easton,MA. Just finished my 800sq ft gunite/pebble sheen pool with them & everyone was great to deal with-Dave the owner answered every one of my PITA questions, Mike their project super was awesome & all the install crew was great. We dug my pool last December & I had Dave, Mike & about 3 Easton guys in my excavation with rakes & shovels helping shape it-you dont get that everyday. They were super attentive when my Haywood VS pump had a board issue & replaced it-no ?s asked. Cant say enough good stuff about them-use them & dont look back

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